Concept of TSUKUBA Gene Laboratory

Oligo DNA microarray and real-time RT-PCR have become routine strategies commonly applied to comprehensively understand a variety of diseases including tumors.

These cutting-edge technologies have no doubt revealed much information about gene expression in various organs and tissues, giving invaluable clues that may be used to identify genes responsible for traits and drug metabolism.
The biological impact of non-coding RNAs such as microRNA and anti-sense RNA, which have been demonstrated to be involved in gene regulations, is also widely recognized now.

Subsequently, many studies focus on elucidating the precise correspondence between physiology (or traits) and gene expression including those of non-coding RNA. Here at TGL, we develop innovative approaches and techniques with great potential to accurately pinpoint the expression sites of genes in specific organs/tissues, and promise to greatly improve the diagnosis of many health related problems. We provide reliable technology for in situ hybridization, high-quality tissue arrays, and cRNA probes for hybridization.

TGL offers reliable strategies and high quality products to support innovative life science research.

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What’s New

  1. Detection of Hepatitis type E virus RNA in the samples
  2. Detection of DNAs derived from 7 animal species separately at one time